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Puck Soup

Mar 23, 2017

Greg and Dave welcome Sportsnet hockey analytics smartypants Dimitri Filipovic for a chat about the warring factions of stat nerds, his work with an NHL team, what numbers we should trust, the media's ignorance and whether you can sell hockey with math. Plus,the boys debate the Olympics and the NHL; look at the Vezina Trophy field, and ponder the merits of Corey Crawford as a franchise goalie; give a March Mute-This tournament update; play a round of 'London Tube Stop, U.K. Crime Series or Sexual Slang'; and answer your listener mail about 'Lethal Weapon' vs. the 'Ocean's' movies, Subway sandwiches, peanut butter on hamburgers, how we shower and the merits of jellybeans. Sponsored by Seat Geek and Blue Apron!