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Puck Soup

Feb 9, 2017

Dave and Greg welcome Pete The Retailer from Star Wars Minute to talk about how his first Puck Soup was ruined, his New York Islanders’ fortunes and potential relocation, how to do Minute-By-Minute podcasts and they play the exciting new game “Star Wars Planet or NHL Player.” That, plus Claude Julien gets fired by the Bruins, and the boys talk about where he and that team go next; firing your coach during a Super Bowl parade; the best and worst of Super Bowl LI; reviewing the Taco Bell Naked Chalupa; the flat salary cap, and the NHL’s evil reasons for it; reader mailbag; and the winners of the first Puck Soup contest, as well as the introduction of the mysterious Puck Soup Cup Soup trophy. Brought to you by Seat Geek and Blue Apron!